Sweepstake - A week's extension

I'm sorry, after what happened lately I totally forgot about the closing date for the sweepstake on last sunday, so I'll just extend the time for about one week - the new deadline is:

Sunday,  December the 20th, 2015
at 1:37 p.m. (UTC+01:00, 13:37 Uhr)

You can partake via retweeting this tweet:

The winner will get a shawl or headband of choice :)


You can see some heaps of Angora-, Mohair-, Lambs- and pure wool that I got today. 
I want to create awesome stuff out of this and sell it here to be able to donate money, 42% of the revenues! If you order something, it's up to you to decide to which of the 3 NGOs I'll donate your share, or suggest another NGO. 
 For vegans, allergic or people that want darker or less flashy colours: I do have more wool in different colours and qualities. I am open for commissions, for example shawls, ribbons, little plushs or pillowcases. 

You can wish for whatever you like, what OC, animal, which colours - I need the desired size and what do you want, a picture and a short description (I do not know every series, books, movies or comics in existence ), so I'll be able to make you an offer :)

For the USt-IdNr. (§ 27a UStG) and further contact information, you can find it in the imprint, order form will follow soon.